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We place great importance on personal data protection and take the subject very seriously. Therefore, we would like to provide you with all details on the collection of data on our website and the purposes, for which it is processed and used.

1. Collection, processing and use of personal data
You can visit our website without providing any personal details. We only collect general access data unrelated to any personal information, such as the name of your internet service provider, the last page you visited and the name of the file requested along with the date of request.
The above information will only be analyzed in order to improve our services and does not allow any access to information about you. Personal data will only be collected if you willingly share it while visiting our website. 

2. Providing personal Data to third Parties
When you order a product or a service on our website, your personal data shall only be used to the extent necessary to perform the service or otherwise fulfil the contract.
For this purpose, your data may be forwarded to transportation companies, subsidiaries and credit institutions as well as other parties assisting us to perform our services and fulfil the contract.

We may send your payment information to our principal bank in order to arrange the payment. The data are also accessible to our subsidiaries. Your data shall not be forwarded to any other third parties and will not be used for promotion purposes. Your data will be blocked upon performing the contractual obligations and full payment of the price. The data will be deleted after the mandatory legal and tax related time periods expire.

3. Use of Cookies
We use the so called „Cookies” for some our pages in order to make our services more attractive and also to enable the use of additional functions. Cookies are small pieces of data, which are transferred to your computer when you visit the particular page. Most of the cookies we use will be automatically erased from your system once you end your browsing session (“Session Cookies”). The so called “long lasting Cookies” will remain on your computer and will make it possible for us to identify you when you visit our site again. No partner companies we might work with will be allowed to collect, process or use any personal information from our site by means of cookies.
You can also block the saving of cookies to your computer in your browser’s options menu. This could lead to a reduced functionality of our site though. You can find more information on cookies in the “help” section of your browser.

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